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Why D&A Brand Mgt?

We are a Branding Agency that builds brands from the ground--up. We offer a Full-Spectrum of Digital services that will help your business grow, adapt, and succeed in this Digital Era.


We are NOT a marketing agency that takes your money and blindly rolls the dice on fate with digital ads. We are a Brand Management Company that strategically guides you through the journey of building your online reputation.

We have proven results, powerful tools and resources, and leverage leading-industry partners that will provide you with Enterprise Level solutions to guarantee your success. 

In short, we have the solutions to your problems.


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Daniel Sanchez

CEO/ Founder

Hi, my name is Daniel Adrian Sanchez, and I currently serve as Chief Executive Officer of D&A Brand Management Company.

As a former Operations Manager of American Express, the importance of branding and brand identity, reinforcing a brand’s core values, and upholding my commitment to my clients and colleagues, was instilled and engrained into my professional life.


I have over 14+ years of experience in Strategic Sales, Business Development, Premium Customer Service, and Product Development & Marketing. My career has been defined by exhibiting ambition, determination, dedication, passion, and a Customer-First mentality to achieve my business goals.

I now help brands and businesses of all sizes, across a variety of industries, define their brand’s DNA. And we do so, by providing fundamental services that integrate state-of-art software, Ai technology, and advanced CRMs, that offer entrepreneurs and business owners the opportunity to increase, develop, and evolve their Brand Awareness, Brand Presence, and Business platforms.

CEO Daniel Sanchez

Andrea Tovar

Executive VP/ Co-Founder

VP Andrea Tovar

Hi Everyone! My name is Andrea Tovar. I was born in Venezuela but my hometown and city is Miami, FL.

My career began with 5+ years as a Paralegal, where I established a skill set to develop strong relationships through face-to-face interactions with customers. I built a foundation of understanding Business law, Policy, and Statues for businesses in a wide variety of industries. I later transitioned over to Strategic Sales, Product Development, and Merchant Services for the Financial Industry. I acquired a strong sense of what businesses really needs to thrive, expand, and cater to their customers.

We've formed this company to provide solutions to small businesses to prosper and grow within their own respective communities. We are here to guide clients and businesses on the road and journey to success, and our focus is on the quality of our interactions.


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Dennis Anton

Image by DNA

Calvin Hernandez

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