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Digital experiences crafted for the connected future of advertising.

Do they KNOW about you?

The golden age of print, television and radio has been long eclipsed by digital advertising. The new giants of advertising include the Google behemoth AdWords, the ever-present heavyweight Facebook, and the stalwarts of Display and YouTube advertising. Without these new methods of advertising, chances are you are throwing away your money on much less effective forms of advertising.

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We bring your business a fully-managed service that will improve retention and revenue.  At D&A Brand Management every ad is specifically designed to create real-world results with impressions, clicks, in-store visits, and/or phone calls – all with the intention of making those browsers convert into customers.

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Grow Your Local Presence

Using the best technologies, D&A Brand Management helps you establish your community presence by running localize ads on Google Maps and Waze.

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Expand Online Outreach

Boost your online ranking through targeted campaigns across all major social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and the Google Display Network, which includes thousands of the most-visited websites online to keep you ahead of your competitors.

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Gain More Promising Leads

By running Google Local Service Ads we can save you time finding promising, high-quality, lost-cost leads for people in your area.

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Appear On Digital Billboards, Radio, and TV

Elevate your brand and maximize exposure with digital radio and TV ads through Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Spotify and more. With D&A Brand Mgt you can also gain access to thousands of billboards across the internet to build brand awareness and confidence.

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Manage Campaigns In One Place

Our platform allows you to manage, run and track your ad campaigns performance across many popular channels all in one place which not only save you time, but helps you invest your ad budget in the most optimal way.

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Everything you need to compete and win online. Not only do you get the tools you need to manage your business, but you also get the dedicated marketing team you need to grow you business – all in one platform.

  • PAYMENTS - Get paid faster, easier, your way

  • CRM - Stay organized as you scale and grow

  • ADS - Fuel growth with multi-channel ads

  • EMAIL - Stay top of mind with email and text

  • REPUTATION - Gain the edge of a spotless reputation

  • CONTENT - Level up your content marketing

  • SOCIAL - Streamline your social media

  • SCHEDULING - Organize meetings with clients with ease

  • LISTINGS - Get found on all high traffics sites

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